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  • Embracing Diversity in Hair Turbans: A Cultural Perspective

    My first degree was in Human Sciences at UCL. I’ve always been drawn to an understanding of fashion through a cultural lens, an anthropological study of women and fashion in their own environment.

  • Embracing Elegance: Evolving Trends in Hijab Styles

    I’ve been designing luxury turbans and hijabs since 2013 when the beautiful Amy from the millinery department of Harrods told me about the endless requests for pre-tied hijab styles from elegant and sophisticated Middle Eastern customers.

  • Elevate Your Style: A Comprehensive Hijab Styling Guide

    When it comes to styling your hijab, the manner in which you arrange and adorn your headscarf extends beyond simple fashion to embody a profound expression of personal identity. This form of self-expression seamlessly integrates into various occasions, cultural settings, and the ever-changing landscape of fashion trends. I love meeting our clients face to face, …



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